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Floral Reflections Mirrors

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Our Floral Reflections Mirrors capture the color & beauty of your special flowers & the memories of your lifetime.  The versatility of design styles & framing options we have available will add to the beauty of your piece & compliment any room in your home.

Simply follow these easy steps to order:
  1. Choose a standard size; 11x14 or 16x20

  2. Choose either a Direct Cast or Tile Design

    Direct Cast design of your Floral Reflections Mirror allows the inclusion of such items as photos, ribbons, announcements, memorial cards, etc. & gives the mirror itself a somewhat muted watery reflection.  Oval shaped frames are limited to a Direct Cast Design.

    Tile Design can be thought of in many ways…from something as simple as one of our Floral Art Corner Tiles cast & mounted to the mirror to a full Floral Art Tile surround to achieve a “matted” look for your piece.  Our Tile Design option preserves your flowers & the integrity & look of the mirror itself & allows for inscription onto the mirror if desired.  Tile Design also lends itself well to the addition of background colors for the mounted tiles.

  3. Choose your frame.

Frame moulding examples from GardenArt Studios, LLC

Our standard 11x14 & 16x20 frames are available in either black or white wood finishes….but why settle?  We are happy to work with you to use your choice of a different frame!  Choose one from any retailer or custom frame maker then bring it or ship it to us!  Please note that an inside lip of minimum ¼” is needed for secure framing.

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