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Soaring With Angels™ Cremation Keepsakes

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Our Soaring With Angels™ line of cremation keepsakes are a beautiful way to remember & celebrate the life of your lost family member, friend or pet.

Using a small amount of cremains (typically less than ½ teaspoon) your special keepsake will be lovingly & artfully designed to create a one of a kind jewelry charm, ornament, comfort stone or paperweight/curio.  

Inclusions such as flower petals from your loved one’s memorial service can be added & embedded in any of our keepsakes.  Our larger products allow for inclusion of additional items such as flowers, photos, pennies from heaven & other coins, locks of hair, tufts of fur & many other small objects.

Please give us a call at (618) 624-8280 or email us at info@gardenartstudios.com  to receive care, handling & shipping instructions.  If you live in the St. Louis metro area pick up service may be available through your local funeral home.

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