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Whether you are celebrating one of life's happy occasions or remembering  a lost loved one, our Floral Art Christmas ornaments are a beautiful & affordable way to preserve your special flowers.  You'll be reminded of shared times & fond memories when your Christmas tree is adorned with your special flowers….or display them year-round on an ornament stand. Priced from $39……..

Our Teardrop, Star, and Heart shaped Christmas ornaments feature your special flowers preserved on one side & an inscription of your choice on the reverse.  Inscription limited to 45 characters

Simple & beautiful.  Let us preserve your special flowers in one of our most affordable Diamond Shaped Floral Art Christmas Ornaments.

Featuring a favorite photo, your monogram, wedding logo or inscription on one side and your special flowers preserved on the reverse, our Floral Art Photo Christmas Ornaments are sure to become cherished family keepsakes.

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